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Felix lee linkedin

Felix lee

CEO at ADPList

I find Mailmodo’s interface extremely clean, extremely intuitive and it has a variety of templates and design options to choose from, which saves me a ton of time.

Danny Chepenkolinkedin

Danny Chepenko

Founder at SpatialChat

Mailmodo provides detailed analytics to track the performance of your email campaigns, including CTR and engagement metrics.that helps in performance measurement and making data-driven decisions

Daniel H

Daniel H


Provides some fantastic yet underused email marketing features. The ability to embed forms and calendars as well as link the email sequence to other 3rd party tools is really valuable.Overall, a good experience.

Debadrita Baniklinkedin

Debadrita Banik

Senior Marketing Associate at ITILITE

Easy template design, we're not running to our designer for every little email and in-depth analytics: we can see who's clicking, which link is getting more traction etc

Masoom Sekhar Sahoolinkedin

Masoom Sekhar Sahoo

Associate Director- Marketing

Mailmodo is an end-to-end platform for building simple emailers. Most email marketing tools needed HTML developers to create the emails. Our team is doing it themselves now.

Tanya Besedina

Tanya Besedina

Marketing Consultant

We've noticed increase in CR, the no of demos went up thanks to Calendly widget and we can finally get customer feedback inside the emails.

Leonard Yampolskylinkedin

Leonard Yampolsky

CIO at NCB Management Services, Inc.

Implementation was rapid with outstanding support team and professional services that delivered immediate outstanding ROI.

Rose Wang linkedin

Rose Wang

Growth at Bluesky Social

Mailmodo is a no-brainer for fast-growing companies. Their no-code interactive emails are easily configurable, and their team is knowledgeable in best practices to ensure high open rates. This is one of the highest value products in our tech stack.

Nilay Jayswal

Growth Marketing Lead at Neverinstall

Getting feedback was easier because of the AMP feature of Mailmodo, we had more control over the contacts segments, and our open rates were getting better.

Tanya Besedina

Tanya Besedina

Marketing Consultant

When it was time to move on from our (very expensive) CRM-based mailing service, I discovered Mailmodo. I tried it out, and I couldn't be happier: the UX is on point, everything works smoothly, support is responsive.

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Vineet Khare, Bella Vita Organic

Armin Baiglinkedin

Armin Baig

Director of Marketing at Kritik

The Mailmodo and Hubspot integration is very seamless – we get all the activity logs in HubSpot, we are able to use filters and so on.While they (Mailmodo) are offering a much better price compared to these other competitors, the amount of features and capability of the platform is either on par with the others or in some cases even more superior.

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