Transactional email service for a smooth customer journey

Power up your business with seamless API integrations and AMP-based transactional email service from Mailmodo

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Amplify customer engagement with interactive transactional email service

Range of Triggers

Set up a variety of triggers including API endpoints, Webhooks and CRM and marketing app integrations

Easy Email Automation

Send a single email transactional campaign or stitch multiple emails in an email automation sequence using our visual journey builder

Interactive Transactional Emails

Create interactive AMP emails in minutes without coding and include interactive elements like carts, carousels, and calendars

3 easy steps to set up transactional email service

Create your transactional email

Choose your email template

Pick a suitable transactional email template from our growing and rich transactional template library

Customize your template

Customize your template or create a new one to suit your use-case using our drag-and-drop email editor

AMP up your emails

Add interactive elements like forms, carts, and widgets like Calendly, Zoom, Shopify to let customers take action inside emails

Set up your email triggers

Use API triggers

Trigger emails using API endpoints, Webhook, and connectors like Integromat, Zapier, Pipedream and others

Integrate CRM and Ad apps

Integrate your CRM like Hubspot or ad platforms like Facebook Ads to trigger emails based on user data from these sources

Contact us for integration help

Our dedicated team is here to help you set up custom integrations and kick off your transactional email service.

Start sending transactional emails

Send single transactional email

Set up a transactional campaign and send emails to your customers based on the trigger you created

Send transactional email journey

Create a customer journey with our visual journey builder to trigger an email automation sequence with emails, webhooks, delays

Analyze email performance

Analyze the performance of your transactional email campaigns and journey using Mailmodo's dashboard

Supercharge your transactional emails with more features

High Email Deliverability

Get high deliverability with well managed & dedicated IPs and timely suggestions from our deliverability experts

Shopify Email Integration

Shopify storeowners can easily send transactional emails for sales and cart recovery to their customers

Smart Integrations

Integrate smart apps like Google Sheets for easy data export, and Calendly and Zoom for higher meeting and webinar bookings

Interactive Survey Forms

Create and send interactive forms for customer feedback, product review, NPS surveys and so much more

Contact List Management

Segment your contact list based on attributes or past campaign activities like Open, Click & Form Submissions

Complete Email Analytics

Access complete email analytics for transactional campaigns including visualizations and user data export

Use Cases that Mailmodo's transactional email service can simplify

Onboarding Emails

Cart Recovery

Password Reset Emails

Account Notification Emails

Purchase Receipt Emails

Imporve your customer email journey with Mailmodo's transactional email service